CURRENT dj schedule, for regular on-going gigs:

- every Wednesday night at The Attic, 8pm - late-ish, SLT

- every Thursday night at The Vault, 8pm - 10pm, SLT

- every OTHER Sunday in MBK, 5pm - 7pm, SLT

- 1st Sunday of the month at Bea's Chop Shop in Old Chicago, 7pm - 8:30 SLT

All listings are Pacific Time, same as Second Life Time (SLT)
- Also look out for drop-ins at...

Fool O' Beans
Underground Garage
Olivia's Diner

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Regarding this blog's title...

Here's Carl Perkins to explain...

There's lots of good versions of this tune out there... Piano Red, Dr. Feelgood and the Interns, Jerry Reed, and oh yeah - - The Beatles and others - - but this is still the version I like best!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Wandering around outside of The Attic, likely after a gig.

An old photo I dug out. This must be back around May Day this year, 'cuz I'm holding the Lily of the Valley that Nuala gave me.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Scanning the horizon

Greeting the day and pondering the possibilities of a new blog venture.
Like I have time for this!

Posts prior to this one are dragged over from the soon-to-be-defunct and seldom-used YoYo Facebook page.
'Cuz I can't seem to put aside my hatred for Facebook, maybe.

Photo taken at the hillside gazebo amid the gardens below Fool O' Beans - - one of my favorite chill spots!
Wearing some mixed & matched freebies I was trying on last night.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


(transferred from defunct Facebook acct)

I enjoy dressing up in SL. Or dressing down, as the case may be.
It's the same old cliche - -
"Gee, I hate shopping for clothes and coordinating outfits in real life, but I sure love it here!"
- - and yes, of course, retail therapy is just as rewarding in SL as RL,
but comes much cheaper!

Hanging out in back of Fool O' Beans.
I Love the dress-up and the mix-&-match,
even if I lose track
of what looks good!

- Nalin Summer shirt in brown from Zaara

- Zach zoot pants in brown from Hell Bop

- "Retro" pop-art t-shirt from 22769

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Skates like Volkswagens

(transferred from defunct Facebook acct)

Last night, ending the evening dancing at The Attic, after attending a 'come as you are' roller-skating party at Shoreline Oldies.

YoYo has big hands and great big feet, and doesn't like to wear shoes.
On those rare occasions that demand foot garb, it's much more satisfying to stretch out the shoes (or skates) to cover them big ol' feets than to reduce YoYo's shoe size!

Friday, February 18, 2011

DJ YoYo at The Attic

(transferred from defunct Facebook acct)

YoYo spins at The Attic every Wednesday night, 8pm - 11ish, SLT!

"Eight 'til Late" - - That's the deal!